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"It's my absolute pleasure to write this testimonial for Yvette, The Bespoke Dresser.   Yvette has transformed the way I think about my wardrobe and about clothing in general.  I now have absolute clarity about the image I wish to portray.  Yvette has a bespoke process that I can only describe as insightful, supportive and collaborative.  She has a wonderful approach and leaves you feeling positive about yourself and your style.  Generous to a fault, Yvette will not pressure you into anything and makes sure you're comfortable with all decisions about your image and the style choices you make.  Her shopping service is excellent.  She totally understood my style as evidenced by the preselections she'd made for me.  The sessions I've spent with her have all been positive, fun and incredibly worthwhile.  
I cannot recommend Yvette highly enough."

Jo wearing the L.F Markey boiler suit by Knuefermann.

Jo wearing the L.F Markey boiler suit by Knuefermann.

A friend had told me about her Bespoke dressing experience and how much more confident she felt after her wardrobe makeover. I’d taken down the number of her dresser Yvette but didn’t make contact for ages as I wondered how much time it would involve and whether I’d feel comfortable with her.
My body shape had changed after having children and I needed a new work and casual look to suit the image I now wanted to portray. I also had the usual Christmas functions coming up and my brother’s wedding… and nothing to wear!

I finally made that call to Yvette and from the moment I met her, I felt at ease. She really listened to what I needed, took me to new shops that I didn’t know about and seemed almost telepathic about what I was looking for. She organised for items that weren’t available in-store to be couriered out to me, organised garment alterations and delivered those to me at lightning speed. Nothing was too much trouble for her. It wasn’t hours of arduous shopping either, it was fun and didn’t take nearly as long as I thought as Yvette had pre-shopped and knew exactly where we were going.

What I’ve valued the most is that I now look forward to getting dressed in the morning! I absolutely love everything we have purchased together and I feel so confident wearing my new outfits. I think what you wear is so important as it reflects who you are and how you’re feeling, I love what Yvette has been able to do for me. If you haven’t worked with The Bespoke Dresser before, it is amazing. I highly recommend it!

"Going shopping with Yvette is an absolute delight - she took all of the anxiety away that I usually have about choosing clothes and shopping in general.  Without being able to articulate what I wanted for my wardrobe - just by asking a few questions she knew exactly what I was looking for.  Yvette had selected pieces that suited my lifestyle, body shape, workplace, and personal style to a tee!  She made me feel so comfortable - she would tell me when items looked great, but best of all, she’d tell me when we could find better.  I cannot recommend Yvette highly enough.  Thank you so much to my Bespoke Dresser, I LOVE my new clothes!”  GINA THORNTON Wendell Property

Looking in my wardrobe each morning had become an underwhelming affair.  The variety, appeal and quality of pieces in my wardrobe had been decreasing in proportion to the increase in my waistline.  Intro; Bespoke dressing!  Uninspiring clothes have now been replaced with quality items from designer, boutique, and mainstream stores.  A few "investment" pieces quickly became favourites.  Now I have many outfit choices, including accessories which are interesting and most are guaranteed to get compliments.  The process was fun, and what would have taken me weeks to achieve was covered in one shop.  At each destination a rack of clothes would be waiting for me to try on - avoiding the frustration of finding the perfect item and it not being in my size.   With Yvette having figured the agenda and doing the driving I could relax.  At day's end it was exciting looking at all the bags and boxes, and trying to recall what would be in each - like the best Christmas!! 
I highly recommend Yvette and the Bespoke experience.

"I remember the first occasion I worked with Yvette.  I felt exhilarated!  She reduced the contents of my cluttered wardrobe by half, leaving me with the good bones on which to build further outfits on.  A shopping excursion followed which was great fun.  She had carefully pre-selected some good basic garments for me to try on. 
Some were outside of my comfort zone, but with Yvette showing me how the items could be worn and accessorised, I felt confident in my decision to purchase. 
I not only enjoyed wearing these clothes but also receiving the compliments on how I looked.  My most recent shopping excursion with Yvette was to specifically purchase a dress for a special occasion.  I wanted a 'wow' factor in what I would wear to this event.  We found this within the first 30 minutes of shopping and in the following two hours she had shown me several more 'wow' pieces, most of which I bought!!  The morning was one of the best I've spent shopping and I'm thrilled with every design Yvette introduced me to.  This summer is already proving to be fantastic, because I have fabulous pieces to choose from, and feel fabulous in each one.  
I can't recommend Yvette highly enough, she will transform your wardrobe and how you feel about shopping!"

"My experience with Yvette, The Bespoke Dresser was wonderful.  It started with a meeting to discuss my thoughts and to ascertain the sort of outfit that would best suit me for my daughter's wedding.  The preparation for our shopping expedition was well thought out.  The complete look we finished with included a custom dress and  jacket from a New Zealand boutique and a bespoke hat by milliner Natalie Chan which was hand painted to match the tones in my dress.  Yvette then found shoes and handbag to compliment the ensemble which wedding guests said looked amazing.  I felt like the Mother of the Bride.  This was important to me to dress with a sense of occasion for the day.  Yvette went well beyond what I had expected and I heartily recommend her Bespoke services."
BRENDA FILER  Gary Filer Optometrist

"I have used stylists in the past, but have never received this level of service or attention to detail that Yvette provides.
After her thorough initial consultation of discovering how you want to present yourself to the world, Yvette sets off sourcing items to give you a personalised
and tailored wardrobe.  I loved the fact this was all done before hand and all I had to do was try on what was selected.  Yvette has very special way of connecting with people and her discretion is valuable.  I would highly recommend the Bespoke Service, as it is just that!"
ANN FOSTER  Designs for Living

"I had no idea what to expect from an outing with The Bespoke Dresser,  
I approached it with some trepidation as I typically hate shopping.  Having a number of less than ideal experiences, I was wondering how this was going to be different.  Yvette made the whole day out one of the best pampering sessions of my life.  From nailing my style in minutes (I didn't know it myself) to helping me clear the weight of surplus clothes from my wardrobe, and my mind.  Not once did she make me feel I had made a wrong choice.  Not once did she make me feel like my body shape was less than gorgeous.  

I love working with Yvette because I can hand over complete style control, all I need to do is turn up, try on what she has selected and make the final decision. For me to hand over control like that is truly unheard of.  I can do that because I know 200% that she will make the perfect choices!  She truly has a gift!  
Since working with Yvette I have had so many compliments from the most unexpected people. 

I have noticed that I am attracting more clients when I network.  I believe this is because I look more professional and I am coming across much more confident.
I recommend Yvette to anyone who compliments me on my appearance. 
She has literally changed my life and I love her to bits!"
ANGELA MURRAY  Living Life in Colour  

"I first started working with Yvette nearly three years ago.  Yvette's strength in communication makes her a pleasure to work with and means that she gets to know her clients on a non-superficial basis, which I really appreciate.  The entire time I have felt comfortable that Yvette understands who I am as a person and what I am trying to achieve with my styling.  "


“It is a great thrill and privilege to spend time in sartorial service to these wonderful individuals.”
Yvette, The Bespoke Dresser

"My bespoke journey began when I was introduced to Yvette in early 2015.
Since then she has been my fashion gem who helped me with my garment choices for various events throughout the year.
Our first project was to prepare an outfit for the Auckland Cup.  I was on a tight time-frame and we were starting from scratch, pulling together my look within a matter of days.  This resulted in an ensemble that became one of the 3 winning looks at Auckland Cup day 2015.  I know this was achieved by the very efficient work of my Bespoke Dresser, who really knows the fashion market of New Zealand.  Her contacts with some great local designers and key people in the fashion industry helped to make this winning ensemble possible.  Working with one of her talented seamstresses, she created my Italian style jumpsuit exactly how I imagined.
Yvette took me for a special visit to Gucci to acquire the latest jewels from their exclusive Horsebit collection.  Gucci have long had links with the equestrian world
and it was an appropriate choice of luxury brand to tie in with my Bespoke ensemble."

"One of the other major events of the year was a Gatsby style party where we had over 100 people attending our event.  It was important my dress was not only befitting the glamour of the occasion, but that I felt amazing wearing it.  My gorgeous bespoke gown had been created again from scratch, starting with a sketch and calico fits, ordering of special fabric and much detail to ensure perfection.  My couture gown was embellished with hand sewn Swarovski crystals to compliment my custom headpiece from milliner Natalie Chan."  

"Since I met Yvette, having a beautifully made garment to fit is not a challenge anymore but an enjoyable creative process.
We collaborate, laugh and chat over a coffee or lunch.  I can definitely say that Yvette is somebody who is very passionate about her work.  She is always as excited as
I am about each project and approaches each one with high professionalism.  Also, as a person who lived in Europe and worked for luxury fashion labels,
she has a refined and elegant work style that will suit anyone who wants to look appropriate at special occasions and simply gorgeous."

"A big thank you to my Bespoke Dresser who helped me create amazing new profile photos for my business website.    My goal was to have new profile pictures that
I could use across social media platforms for Lifestyle Cover NZ Ltd.  Yvette assisted me with everything involved to create these; from the detailed consultation in the Bespoke Experience, our fun shopping tour through local designer boutiques in Newmarket to hair and makeup, photography and edits.  I loved the whole experience!"

"I highly recommend her to anyone wanting styling advice, a new wardrobe or someone looking for a polished look.  Thanks Yvette for your dedication and hard work, it really shows in the perfection of everything you do."
NICOLE DELLOW  Lifestyle Cover NZ Ltd

"The absolute joy of the Bespoke Dresser shopping experience lies in being taken into boutiques that I would not have dreamed I could shop in.  Not only were the clothes already selected and put aside, but were the right fit, cut and colour.  They were different from what I would have selected and yet I look and feel fabulous in them!  The addition of being picked up, driven around and given special attention at all stages just adds to this transformative experience.  I regularly attract compliments now - which to a large extent is due to the confidence in the outfits that I now have, and where they can take me."

"My experience with Yvette was life changing.  
I always thought I looked okay, but I never felt amazing in the clothes I wore. Yvette looks at the whole picture, its not just about the clothes
but about finding who you are and where it is you want to go.  I felt she focused on the whole image of me and not just the material aspects.  
Having a Bespoke Dresser guide me on the shopping tour led me to looks I can wear with much more confidence.
The clothes I got with Yvette are my favourite looks in my wardrobe.  I wear them all the time and have had comments on every single piece.
I am truly grateful for the time I spent with Yvette and the continuous friendship we now have."

"I had been invited to attend my brother's wedding in Mexico.  I enlisted the help of my Bespoke Dresser to get me occasion ready for this special trip.  
The exceptional attention to detail and support I was shown throughout the process made me feel like a movie star!   Yvette had pulled together an outfit that I looked and felt amazing in on the day, she even helped to coordinate my hair and makeup.  I highly recommend working with The Bespoke Dresser.  Not only does she have a very experienced eye for what will look amazing on you; the knock-on effect on the rest of your life is powerful.  I now hold my head high and in general feel a lot more confident.  It really is a special, personalised dressing service that I'm extremely grateful for". 
KATIE BIRD  KB Consulting

"I really enjoyed bespoke clothes shopping with Yvette!  She has great taste in clothes and knows where to find exactly the right items as she does her research well.  
Yvette made shopping for my new wardrobe a breeze.  I have had loads of compliments from different people on my improved dress style, including my work mates.
I highly recommend Bespoke Dresser services for anyone like me who believes that presentation is important."