Yvette has a wealth of knowledge from years working with New Zealand’s fashion and business elite. Her experience styling influential men and women is unparalleled.

From the beginning..

Yvette enjoyed an incredible internship into the New Zealand fashion industry where she worked with prestigious fashion houses Gucci and Adrienne Winkelmann. She spent over a decade styling business men and women, politicians, entrepreneurs and dignitaries. Dressing many levels of leadership at both Winkelmann and Gucci offered her valuable insight into the professionalism and discretion needed to work with those in such senior roles.

Some years on, Yvette spent time living in Europe which saw her passion for all things sartorial taken to a new level.

There she had the opportunity to develop more of an understanding about the global fashion industry and attended prestigious events like Paris Fashion Week as the guest of a prominent Dutch designer. It was on work secondments such as these that she was educated in the rich history of European tailoring, styling and service excellence.

During her time abroad, Yvette began to piece together ideas of a bespoke business. With a focus on creating the role of a ‘dresser’ that resembles a personal assistant for the wardrobe. She found the European and UK expats were well accustomed to outsourcing their household needs to free up valuable time. Some of their key support services included; cleaners, nannies, dog walkers, personal coaches, fitness trainers, makeup artists and so on. Having an assistant to keep their wardrobes tidy and in season made perfect sense when their spare time was at a premium. These expat men and women were adept in delegating to others to free up valuable time.

They had a small village of trusted individuals working quietly behind the scenes to help maintain order in their very busy lifestyles.

With support and planning from her mentor Stephen McElrea, the origins of the Bespoke brand began to form in late 2014.
By 2015, Yvette launched a new sartorial support role to New Zealand aptly named The Bespoke Dresser®.

For Yvette, it was a happy mix of her beloved behind the scenes work and problem solving for busy individuals. Making use of her fashion nous and the desire to be of service to others. She had become part of that village of trusted individuals, helping to maintain order in their very busy lifestyles.

In 2019, The Bespoke Dresser® is the trusted resource for sound, unbiased counsel on what is appropriate for business, weekend and special occasion attire.

“To employ the services of a dresser is a mark of prestige.”